How Animal Therapy Can Affect a Person


When my sister was in 1st grade she had late speech development. It was expected when she was not improving her speech, that she most likely had a mild form of Autism. Although she was never diagnosed with Autism, she still grew up having learning and social problems for quite some time. She would go to see a therapist to talk to but that can only take one so far. Sometimes talking to someone does not always work! What if there was some other kind of therapy that could help people with disabilities? Thats when I began to think about animal therapy. Animals are everyones best friends. They naturally help people feel safe or comfortable. So how about animal therapy that could help people with disabilities, suffering through a traumatic experience, or even for someone who needs help coping with life. It is a unique technique that can take someone a long way.

Why use animals?:

Here is a link provided to show why animals are such a great tool for therapy.

Read the section “Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Animal Bond”:



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