Who doesn’t want an animal to be their therapist?


Everyone loves to have a cute puppy to play with. Think about how excited you get when you see one walking down the street and all you want to do is pet it. Well, this is why animal therapy is such a different, yet great approach on helping others. Some people refuse to believe that they need therapy. Others are just completely against therapy. However having an animal as the form of therapy can be intriguing to the person in need and actually make someone want to go to seek help. Sometimes it is the thought of having to just speak to someone about your problems that causes one to not want to go to therapy. But, when it is interactive and not just talking, it can help people in a different way. People are naturally attracted to animals therefore it can help more than talking to just a person because it will not seem like a typical therapuetic session.

This link provides you with some knowledge on how animal therapy is a good form of therapy for adolescents when they refuse to believe they do not need help.

Here is why animal therapy can be so helpful:


Meet some of the animals from Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta:




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