Horses aren’t just for riding


Horses don’t just need to be used for a sport. They can have so many other great meanings to them! Horses have a healing effect on the youth which makes them such a great resource for therapy. There is so much that kids can do with them. Whether it is riding, playing with them, or even just walking them. It allows the person going through therapy to forget the reason why they are there and enjoy the time with the horses while they have it. This happens because the kids are being interactive which allows their mind to wonder elsewhere. Some may think that horses are not a good option because they are very large. However this is a good thing because when the horse bonds with the person it allows them to have a sense of trust. Horses are able to mimic the way you feel and act uncomfortable if you are feeling uncomfortable. This allows you to teach yourself to keep calm and enjoy!


For more information about why horses are so great for therapy:


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