Cats want to cuddle!


Cats are always there for you when you want to snuggle! They certainly cannot bark so they don’t ask for much. In fact a cat can be a very calming and soothing animal to have around. Just watching them play around and chase random objects can help to relieve some stress from the mind. Cats provide you with unconditional love and are constantly there for you when you want them to be. They will lay with you and sleep with you too! Cats may not seem like they would do much because they sometimes are perceived to be less smart than dogs, but they are actually just as helpful as a dog would be. Cats are just another animal that is perfect for someone in need of therapy when dealing with anxiety, feeling alone, and depression. They are a friendly companion to have!


Read these two articles on why cats can be good for your health:—Cats-Are-Good-For-Your-Health!&id=3296486


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