Rabbits are good for therapy?!


Rabbits are a good animal to have for therapy because of their small size. Sometimes the size of a dog and even bigger, a horse, can be a little overwhelming! They are good for teaching people how to nurture and care for something when maybe they have never had that for them. It allows someone to also learn responsibility because taking care of a rabbit can be a lot of work. Having to clean their cages, feed them, and play with them would all go into that category. It is also always fun to watch rabbits run around and interact with nature. By watching the rabbit interact, it is able to teach the person how to interact properly with people as well. Many may think that people are not similar to a rabbit at all! However animals are very much like humans in a sense that we all encounter many obstacles throughout the day and speak to many different people or in a rabbits case, many animals every day.


These two stories below, give some insight onto how rabbits can help people:




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