Are you going through a traumatic experience and want help?


Feeling super anxious all the time, or even just stressed and depressed? You are not alone. Many people who undergo a traumatic experience all experience these same feelings. It is often very hard to escape the memories but it can be done. After a traumatic experience you probably feel very trapped inside your head. Which, not only can be frustrating, but mentally draining as well. A traumatic experience can be treated with many therapy sessions of you going to sit down to talk to someone. However, it can also be an exciting experience if you use animal therapy. Animals are always looking for someone to comfort or play with. Why not choose the fun way when dealing with stress, rather than be cooped up inside someones office for a session! Animal therapy can easily take your mind off any traumatic experience you have gone through and even help to reduce the stress it has been giving you along the way. 

How a traumatic experience can affect the brain:

Symptoms of a traumatic experience:



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