Even if you think you don’t like animals…


It may be hard to believe for some, but many people out there do not like animals! Most of the time it is caused from them being afraid. Even if you are afraid of animals and they freak you out or scare you, animal therapy can change how you feel. These animals are not your average house pets or petting zoo barely trained animals. These animals are well taught and trained in a manor that is right for someone who is seeking therapy. The Animal Assisted Therapy program would never make a patient feel uncomfortable. The main goal of this business is to make these people feel better. This is why there is no need to fear any of the animals used for therapy. I am guilty of being scared of certain animals; however, I trust and know that every animal within this program is highly trained and taught well to help someone who will most likely be timid, uninterested, and not at ease. As you can see from the previous posts, Animal Assisted Therapy is created to make people feel comforted and heal their problems. It is a gentle type of therapy that can do no harm. 



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