The role of the human therapists


Animal Assisted Therapy is done at a place where the people love and respect each and every animal. These places are filled with love and the will to heal the people who are in need. This type of therapy has highly trained therapists as well as animals. The people are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and they are experts in their field of study. So not only are they making sure everything is okay with the animal and the patient, but they are able to help the person and guide them down the path they need as well. The people are technically therapists, but it is the animals job to do the healing and the human therapist is there just incase, and as a secondary figure. This being said, the animals are mainly doing the job but if the patient feels as if they might need an extra push along the way, the human therapists are there to help as well! Nothing negative comes out of trying Animal Assisted Therapy. It is great therapy for any type of person in need of some healing.



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